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Global Politics

Getting aid to Pakistan

Aid organizations are wondering why more money is not being donated to help Pakistanis. Some are saying it might be because of the country's reputation for corruption and as breeding ground for militants. The World's Clark Boyd has more.

Arts, Culture & Media

Sweden's soft rock power

Two economists surveyed the hits of the past 50 years from 22 countries. Adjusting for GDP, Sweden is top of the pops. University of Minnesota economist Joel Waldfogel co-authored the study. He speaks with anchor Jeb Sharp.

Global Politics

Colombian FARC leader killed

One of the most senior leaders of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) has been killed, say reports. But, as John Otis reports from southern Colombia, even a weakened FARC is likely to plague parts of the country.

Conflict & Justice

Iraq's Navy

The Iraqi Navy was almost completely destroyed during the 1990 Gulf War. Following the 2003 invasion, American and British forces have been slowly rebuilding Iraq's naval capabilities. Reporter Susannah George reports from Basra.