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Global Politics

China's quest for soft power

China's power has been growing in recent years. But there's one power China's leaders still crave; soft power. The informal influence a country has through the attractiveness of its culture and values. The World's Mary Kay Magistad reports from Beijing.

Global Politics

Estonia's wi-fi guru

Free wi-fi is pretty much the norm in the small Baltic nation of Estonia. And Estonians have one man to thank for that. The World's Clark Boyd reports from the Estonian capital Tallinn.

Global Politics

Lockerbie bomber

A year after the Lockerbie bomber was released from a Scottish prison and sent home to Libya, four US senators are calling for a new investigation into why he was let out. The World's Marcus Wraight reports.

Conflict & Justice

Global food prices spike

The United Nations' food agency held a special meeting to discuss the rise in food prices worldwide. Anchor Marco Werman asks Alex Evans, who's studied the causes of food price fluctuations, to explain the upward trend.