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Haiti's violent week


Evidence of rage was strewn across Port-au-Prince after days of protests over election results.

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Haiti's orphans

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Tom DiFilipo, head of the Joint Council on International Children's Services, about the plight of thousands of children left orphaned by the earthquake in Haiti.


First Lady visits Haiti

First Lady Michelle Obama paid a surprise visit to Haiti today. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Guy Delva, head of the Haitian Journalists Association in Port au Prince.


Haitian student in New York

Since the earthquake in Haiti, thousands of Haitians have arrived in the US. One grassroots organization in Brooklyn helps such students finds places at schools. The World's Alex Gallafent has this story in our series ?Learning in two languages'.

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Haiti's political crisis continues

Haiti's election commission has invited candidates to appeal the outcome of the country's presidential election. It's an attempt to restore calm after unrest and allegations that the vote was rigged. Anchor Lisa Mullins finds out more from Robert Fatton.