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Haiti rubble art

Artists in the Haitian coastal town of Jacmel, hard hit by the earthquake, are creating rubble art to sell to foreigners for much-needed income and to remind people of the tragedy. The World's Amy Bracken reports.


Haiti one year after the quake

It's been almost a year since the earthquake that devastated much of Haiti and in many ways, the emergency is far from over. Anchor Lisa Mullins talks with The World's Jeb Sharp in Port-au-Prince.

Global Scan

Britain's prime minister lays a 'welcome' mat for new EU citizens

David Cameron wants changes to EU immigration and movement laws, or else, but Germany says 'no way,' creating a stalemate. Meanwhile, the Chilean miners who spent two months trapped underground in 2010 continue to suffer from emotional problems. And a French comedian faces more trouble over allegations of racism and anti-semitism — in today's Global Scan.