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Earthquake hits central Italy

An earthquake struck central Italy this morning. The quake was centered near the medieval city of L'Aquila, about 60 miles northeast of Rome. Italian authorities say about a 100 people were killed and at least 1500 have been injured. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with the BBC's Dominic Hughes in central Italy.

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Global Hit

The group Afterhours is one of Italy's top alternative rock bands. Anchor Marco Werman spoke to the band's leader at the South by Southwest music festival last week. They discuss the underground music scene in Italy and how Afterhours has earned praise from music critics.

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Geo answer

The answer to today's Geo Quiz is the Sicilian town of Salemi. It's where a huge collection of videos, films, and movies are being sent as a charitable contribution after a video store named Kim's Video in New York City closed for good. Anchor Marco Werman gets details of the video exchange from merchant Youngman Kim and Italian arts promoter Franca Pauli.