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Global Politics

'The Black Report'

The song and dance at the Reykjavik City Theatre in Iceland is on hold for a few days. They're offering a dramatic reading of a report on the country's banking collapse. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Magnis Thortarson of the Reykjavik City Theater.

Health & Medicine

Under the Ash in Iceland

The ash plume over Iceland's Grímsvötn volcano has almost disappeared. But the ash that has fallen over the past days is something of a nightmare for people on the ground. Icelandic journalist Thora Arnorsdottir speaks to anchor Lisa Mullins about it.

Global Scan

ISIS has a new hand sign — and it means far more than ‘We’re #1’

The Islamic militants known as ISIS have shown savvy in social media and in picking their symbols. We explore the deeper meaning behind their index finger salute — and their black-and-white flag. And an author shows a side of Iran's capital that you might not have expected, from sex to drugs to skinny jeans. And are you tired of being cramped in economy class? You're not alone. All that in today's Global Scan.

Science, Tech & Environment

Iceland's genetic history

A new DNA study in Iceland suggests that the country's main lineage may not be all Viking. Testing of ancient teeth from an Iceland museum suggests the country's first Viking settlers may have brought women from the British Isles with them. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with the lead author of the study, Kari Stefansson.

Science, Tech & Environment

Naming the volcano

The name of the Icelandic volcano that's sending ash across Europe is giving news casters a rough time. The volcano's name is Eyjafjallajokull, and it's hard to say. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with BBC news presenter Mike Cooper.