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Global Hit

The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, a cavalry regiment of the British Army stationed in Iraq, recorded a bagpipe album last year. It sold an unexpected 300,000 copies. Now they've recorded a sequel, this time at the Basra airport under a tent.

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Geo answer

In today's Geo Quiz we asked what the five busiest airports are. When it comes to international traffic, the most bustling are: Number 5: Hong Kong, Number 4: Frankfurt, Number 3: Amsterdam, Number 2: the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris...And the number one busiest airport, it serves 62 million passengers a year, is London's Heathrow Airport.

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Geo Answer

For today's Geo Quiz, we were looking for the host city of the annual Biggest Liar's contest. The answer is Cumbria in northern England. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Sue Perkins, this year's winner of the lying competition.

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Impact of G20 summit

This weekend's gathering of leaders from 20 of the world's biggest economies had the goal of charting the way forward for the GLOBAL economy. There's concern that summit fell short on that count.