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Turkish metropolis

We're off to western Turkey for today's Geo Quiz. Legend has it the ancient city of Byzantium was founded by ancient Greeks who sailed across the Aegean Sea. Today it is part of Turkey under what name?

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Turkish gays and the military

Military service is mandatory in Turkey, and its policy on homosexuals serving in the military is that Turkey's armed forces consider gays ineligible to serve. From Istanbul, Matthew Brunwasser reports on Turkey's policy of 'will ask, must tell.'

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Turkey booming

One of the places the economic downturn more or less passed by is Turkey. The Brookings Institution recently released a survey of the 150 cities in the world with the healthiest economies. Istanbul tops the list. Matthew Brunwasser reports.

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NATO missile defense plans

NATO has a plan to build a new missile defense system in Europe and Turkey.But Turkey wants a say, and that could complicate matters.Anchor Marco Werman finds out more from the BBC's Jonathan Head in Istanbul.

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Yorgo Bacanos

The Global Hit today pays homage to the oud and, in particular, to one of the great Oud masters, the late Yorgo Bacanos. Correspondent Matthew Brunwasser has the story from Turkey.

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A dog's life in Turkey

People in Turkey have had a special reverance for their dogs since the days of the Ottoman Empire. Dogs in Istanbul even have �resident rights.� Correspondent Julia Rooke finds out what life is really like for the Turkish canine.