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Global Politics

Tony Blair's memoir

Former prime minister Tony Blair's long-awaited memoir is out. In it, he writes of one of the most significant events in his time in office ? the decision to go to war in Iraq. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with journalist and Blair biographer, John Rentoul.

Global Politics

Cuba: My Revolution

Cuban artist Inverna Lockpez initially threw herself into Fidel Castro's revolution jettisoning her plans for art school. She ran afoul of the regime and fled to the US. Now she's telling her story. Anchor Lisa Mullins interviews Inverna Lockpez.

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Saving owls

Today's Geo Quiz is about owls: the country we want you to name is home to some 30 species of owl. The country's environment minister has identified a problem. He's blaming fans of Harry Potter for fueling illegal trade.