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Conflict & Justice

The Larsson inheritance

The family of Swedish crime author Stieg Larsson has offered Larsson's partner a settlement to end a dispute over his inheritance. The World's Carol Zall reports on the latest chapter in the Larsson saga.

Lifestyle & Belief

Giving: The Power of Half

The Salwen family has taken an interesting path to help other people. They decided to sell their home and give half the money from the sale to charity. They've written a new book called 'The Power of Half.' From PRI's The World.

Global Politics

Egypt's 'most reliable news source'

When you take rice, macaroni, lentils, and chickpeas, and mix it together with fried onions and tomato sauce, you get koshary. Koshary is also the name of Egypt's newest satirical newspaper, El Koshary Today. Reporter Julia Simon sent this report.

Conflict & Justice

Best selling book in France

An essay by a 93-year-old former diplomat and resistance fighter has been at the top of the best seller list in France. The essay calls on French citizens to get outraged about social injustices. Anchor Lisa Mullins talks to the author, Stephane Hessel.