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Conflict & Justice

Boxes of Irish history

The small town of Ballina is known as �the Salmon Capital of Ireland'. It's home to only about 11,000 people. But it's also home to an extraordinary collection of historical documents. The World's Alex Gallafent reports from New York.

Global Politics

Europe's economic angst

There was more unrest in Europe today.From violent student protests in Britain to strikes in Portugal and anger over budget cuts in Ireland, tensions are on the rise.The World's Laura Lynch reports from London.

Global Politics

Rural Irish leaders pushing to loosen country's drunken driving laws, citing lost pub sales

Ireland has targeted drunken driving in recent years, tightening restrictions and beefing up penalties. But a group of pub operators say those tighter laws are cutting into their profits, and they're seeking help from local government to create a system that authorizes drunken driving on rural roads.

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Global hit

A record company executive tells host Lisa Mullins that he'd love to discover the next Spice Girls. So Lisa Mullins asks him, "why did you sign a recording contract with three small-town priests from Northern Ireland?"