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Fighting continues in Gaza

Anchor Lisa Mullins gets the latest on the conflict between Israel and Hamas from The World's Quil Lawrence, who's at the Gaza border. There was a three-hour break in the fighting today. Both Israel and Hamas are reportedly considering a ceasefire, but there's no agreement yet.

Israel pushes into Gaza city

Israeli ground forces pushed deep into Gaza City today, launching a massive assault on the city. Anchor Lisa Mullins finds out more about the situation inside the city from the BBC's Hammada Abuqammar, who's in Gaza.

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Israeli elections

The war in Gaza has made Israel's election campaign a short one -- and there are concerns that turnout be low next week. The World's Quil Lawrence reports from Jerusalem.

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Considering a two-state solution

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Joel Rubin, Government Affairs Director for "J Street," a political action committee and lobbying group. The group represents pro-Israel, pro-peace American Jews and their allies, and supports a two-state solution for the Middle East.