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Israel weighs ground offensive

Israel has so far rebuffed international calls for a ceasefire in its assault on Gaza. The next question: if and when the Israeli army will start a ground offensive. The World's Quil Lawrence has the story.

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Aid relief in Gaza

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Salwa el-Tibi, who's in Gaza. El-Tibi is program director for "Save the Children," a relief organization that delivered aid to people in Gaza during today's three-hour truce.

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Cease-fire talks

The World's Quil Lawrence has the latest on the truce talks underway in Cairo, Egypt. Egyptian mediators there are trying to hammer out a cease-fire agreement between Hamas and Israel and end the bloodshed in Gaza.

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Israeli vote nears

Israel holds its long-awaited general election tomorrow. The vote will decide who becomes Israel's next prime minister. The incumbent, Ehud Olmert, announced he was stepping down months ago. The World's Quil Lawrence has been on the campaign trail and he speaks with host Marco Werman.

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Global Hit: Shimon Peres

Israeli President Shimon Peres; He's been in Israeli politics for more than half a century. Turns out, that whole time, he's also been writing poems. And some of those poems have now been set to music. Daniel Estrin has today's Global Hit.