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Israeli vote nears

Israel holds its long-awaited general election tomorrow. The vote will decide who becomes Israel's next prime minister. The incumbent, Ehud Olmert, announced he was stepping down months ago. The World's Quil Lawrence has been on the campaign trail and he speaks with host Marco Werman.

Conflict & Justice

Global Hit: Shimon Peres

Israeli President Shimon Peres; He's been in Israeli politics for more than half a century. Turns out, that whole time, he's also been writing poems. And some of those poems have now been set to music. Daniel Estrin has today's Global Hit.

Global Politics

Mistaken identity

Freelance journalist Alon Tuval has the misfortune of looking a lot like one of the suspects in the Dubai case. He says even friends are mistaking him for one of those involved. He's in Jerusalem now. Katy Clark checks in with him.