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Conflict & Justice

Palestinian town in limbo

The World's Quil Lawrence reports on a Palestinian town that's been left a no man's land by the Israeli security barrier, while pollution from the village is also forcing Israelis and Palestinians to work together to solve the problem.

Global Politics

Israel premier urged to step down

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is facing damaging allegations of corruption, but Olmert says he has no plans to resign, even though his main coalition partner is calling on him to step down, as Reporter Matt Gutman has the latest.

Global Politics

Israel Iran report

Missile tests and military exercises have raised fears of a possible military conflict between Iran and Israel, but few experts are predicting a war, as the BBC's Jonathan Marcus reports from Israel.

Lifestyle & Belief

Letters to God

The postal service in Jerusalem often gets letters addressed to God. Reporter Daniel Estrin visits with the man charged with opening that kind of mail and sneaks a peek at some of the letters.