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Israel and Syria

Israel's foreign minister Tzipi Livni could become the country's next prime minister. She's pledged to continue peace negotiations with Syria started by Ehud Olmert this summer. But as The World's Aaron Schachter reports, Syrians aren't that optimistic.

Arts, Culture & Media

Israeli Hanukkah donut

Hanukkah begins Sunday night and that means something special in Israel: Donuts! Or more accurately: sufganiyot. We sent The World's Middle East correspondent, Quil Lawrence, out to sample the seasonal delight.

Israel ground offensive continues

It is the tenth day of Israel's military offensive in Gaza and the third day of its ground incursion there. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with The World's Quil Lawrence in southern Israel about Israel's military operation and the rising death toll.

Israeli forces in urban areas

Israel continued its offensive in Gaza today. Now Israeli forces have moved into the more densely populated areas of the Palestinian territory. An Israeli army spokeswoman says that's where Hamas is mostly hiding. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with The World's Quil Lawrence.

Conflict & Justice

Gaza violence

There were outbreaks of violence in the Gaza Strip today, between Israeli troops and Palestinian militants. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with the World's Quil Lawrence in Gaza about the violence and about the prospects for peace talks.