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Kandahar's security lacking

James Murray reports on what Canadian soldiers found when they conducted an unannounced check of police checkpoints in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar. There was evidence of some gaping holes in the city's security.

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Geo answer

It's nestled high up in the Hindu Kush mountain range of Central Afghanistan. Jessica Weinstein ? says getting to this national park from the capital Kabul was a long and winding journey.

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Still counting in Afghanistan

So far, only about a tenth of the votes have been counted in Afghanistan's presidential election; early numbers show a close race between incumbent Hamid Karzai and Abdullah Abdullah. Anchor Jeb Sharp gets the latest from the BBC's Chris Morris.

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More questions about Afghan rescue

Afghan journalists are up in arms after the rescue of a New York Times reporter and the death of his Afghan translator. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with the head of the Afghan Independent Journalists' Association, Rahimullah Samandar, about the incident.

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The aftermath of battle

Retired Col. David Brostrom lost his son, Jonathan Bostrom last year, during the Battle of Wanat in Afghanistan. The grieving father tells host Marco Werman why his son's troops were not given the supplies and support needed to repel the enemy.

Conflict & Justice

Mentoring Afghan police

Earlier this week an Afghan policeman turned on five British soldiers and killed them. Retired Captain Doug Beattie says he twice encountered situations that made him question the loyalty of his Afghan allies. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with him.

Afghan student faces death sentence

A journalism student in Afghanistan has been sentenced to death by an Afghan court on charges of blasphemy, as Anchor Marco Werman gets the latest from Jean McKenzie, Afghanistan Program Director for the Institute for War and Peace Reporting.