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Suicide bomb kills Afghan official

The Taliban claimed responsibility for suicide bombings in Afghanistan's Helmand province which killed several people, including the province's deputy governor, as Gregory Warner reports from Kabul, Afghanistan.

Kandahar confrontation

NATO and Afghan troops are bracing for a battle with Taliban fighters around Afghanistan's second largest city, Kandahar, as The World's Quil Lawrence reports.

Afghanistan's drug problem

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Thomas Schweich, a former US anti-narcotics official, who says a mixture of Western obstruction and Afghan corruption has allowed the Taliban to secure support and funding from Afghanistan's growing poppy trade.

Promo for interview on meeting the Taliban

Correspondent Kate Clark recently traveled to Afghanistan on special assignment for the BBC. She met arms dealers, Taliban commanders and Afghans from many walks of life. We hear a taste of tomorrow's interview with Kate Clark.