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Global Politics

From the jungle to the stage

The World's Marco Werman tells us about a program in Colombia called Canta Conmigo. It's a government program that provides music instruction to former guerilla fighters to reintegrate them into peaceful society.

Conflict & Justice

Covering Sri Lanka's conflict

Anchor Marco Werman speaks to the editor of the BBC Sinhala language service, Priyath Liyanage, and the editor of the BBC Tamil language service, Thirumalai Manivannan, to find out how they've been reporting the news out of Sri Lanka.

Conflict & Justice

Curfews in Urumqi

The World's Mary Kay Magistad has an update on the mood in the Chinese city of Urumqi, where 184 people were killed during riots this week. The riots have ended, but the government re-imposed a nighttime curfew today.