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Geo answer

For our GEO QUIZ today we're looking for the STANS; seven countries that end with the suffix ?stan.? Anchor Jeb Sharp tells us about an EIGHTH ?stan? that can't be found on a map. It's an idealized world created by Lebanese businessman Michel Eleftriades.

Conflict & Justice

Predator strikes in Pakistan

A US drone fired two missiles in Pakistan's North Waziristan region, killing four militants. The area is a known haven for al-Qaeda and the Taliban, but Pakistan has publicly criticized drone attacks. Marco Werman talks with author Ahmed Rashid.

Global Politics

Pakistani politician murdered

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with reporter Fahad Desmukh in Karachi, Pakistan about the murder of a prominent member of Pakistan's MQM political party. The murder occurred in London, but the ripple effect is being felt in Pakistan's largest city.