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Global Scan

Even Mandela meets his heroes in heaven

One of Nelson Mandela's own heroes, boxer Baby Jake Matlala, died just two days after the former South African president. While those two may be meeting in heaven, down here, people are analyzing Mandela's memorial service — from Obama's handshake with Castro to a man who pretended to interpret the ceremony for the deaf. And China tries a positive spin on its pollution, all in today's Global Scan.


Spring training in Havana

Anchor Lisa Mullins looks back at the time when Jackie Robinson first traveled to spring training with the Brooklyn Dodgers: the year was 1947 -- and, for fear of racial trouble, the Dodgers decided to hold their training in Cuba instead of Florida.

Conflict & Justice

New Cuba rules ease restrictions

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Miami Herald reporter Frances Robles about the new rules in effect now for travel to Cuba. The new rules allow Americans with family in Cuba to go there as often as they want, and stay as long as they want.

Conflict & Justice

Gitmo debrief

Shortly after taking office, President Obama issued an executive order to shut down the military detention facility at Guantanamo within a year. The White House acknowledged it won't make that deadline. The World's Katy Clark gives Jeb Sharp a debrief.

Arts, Culture & Media


The World's Marco Werman traces the origins of the now-legendary Buena Vista Social Club recording, and how the original concept � a meeting of Cuban and Malian musicians � has now finally been realized on a recording called 'Afrocubism.'