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Global Politics

The Cuban dissidents

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Nik Steinberg, Cuba researcher for Human Rights Watch, about the situation in Cuba, where the government has promised the release of 52 political prisoners. The first seven were freed and flown to Spain today.

Global Politics

Cuba angered over US video game

The Cuban government is criticizing a new video game in which US special ops soldiers try to kill a young Fidel Castro. A Cuban government website said the fame glorifies assassination and will turn American children into �sociopaths.�

Development & Education

For the first time in 50 years, a group of Cuban students just arrived in Florida carrying student visas

Miami has always been a hub for Cuban ex-pats. But recently, a group of students from the island just arrived in Florida carrying student visas. It marks the first academic trip of its kind since the revolution started 50 years ago. With the island loosening travel restrictions, programs like this are now emerging.