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Niger's songwriter Bombino

We veer into the desert for the Geo Quiz. We're headed to a West African city: the capital of Niger. The climate is pretty inhospitable but the Touareg nomads who live there are warm and welcoming. One of them is musician Bombino.

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New spice for Sichuan's cuisine

For our Geo Quiz, we're on the lookout for a city in southwest China known for its silk, teahouses and traditional spices. We're talking peppercorns, ginger and chili peppers. But new spices and western-style dishes are starting to appear around town.

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Kite flying festival

For the Geo Quiz we are looking for a city in India where kite flying is a cherished tradition. It is the largest city in the state of Gujarat, on the banks of the Sabarmati river. It is also one of the world's fastest growing cities.