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Global Scan

A zoo finally figures out why it failed to get two spotted hyenas to mate

One of the most important things zoos do is ensure the continued viability of a species. So a Japanese zoo took very seriously its efforts to get its pair of hyenas to mate. But it was foiled by nature. Both hyenas were male and that, surprisingly, wasn't obvious. Meanwhile in Dubai, the city police plan to outfit officers with pairs of Google glass to help them catch criminals. And in Syria, ISIS makes a big gain, all in today's Global Scan.

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Lucky Bags in Japan

New Year's Day is the most revered holiday in Japan. The Japanese actually celebrate it over a 4 day period. Every year, people line up to buy something called a ?fukubukuro? or ?luck? bag. Akiko Fujita introduces us to a different New Year's tradition.

Global Politics

Dolphin film causing a stir in Japan

?The Cove' isn't a film you would expect to be packing cinemas in Japan. Some politicians in Japan call the film anti-Japanese but all the publicity in Japan has lots of people there wondering. Jason Gray is with the movie magazine Screen International.

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Former name of Tokyo

Japan's capital Tokyo is one of the world's largest mega cities. It's got skyscrapers galore, national parks, and cherry blossoms. Tokyo got its name in 1868 but for centuries prior to that, it was called something else.