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Global Politics

Mexico's drug war

Mexico's President Felipe Calderon has declared war on the drug cartels, and has deployed army troops in the fight. But critics say the military effort has only made things worse. Steven Dudley reports from Juarez.

Global Politics

Protecting themselves in Juarez

Residents in the Mexican border city of Juarez are increasingly forming neighborhood associations and blocking off streets in an effort shield themselves from ongoing drug violence. Monica Ortiz Uribe discovered the trend is uniting neighborhoods.

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Cacao crops waning

Cacao plantations have been a mainstay for farmers in the Mexican state of Chiapas. But farmers have started to abandon these crops for the more lucrative sugar cane and oil palm plants. Murray Carpenter reports.


Women's golf champ announces retirement

Mexico's top woman golfer Lorena Ochoa has shocked fans with her announcement that she'll retire at the ripe old age of 28. Anchor Jeb Sharp gets details from Carlos Nava, sports editor for 'Al Dia', the 'Dallas Morning News' Spanish language newspaper.