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Global Politics

Mexico's drug war in the US

US officials have announced the arrest, on American soil, of more than 300 members of a major Mexican drug cartel. El Universal has been running a series focusing on drug-trafficking north of the border. One of the reporters is Evangelina Hernandez.

Global Politics

Protecting themselves in Juarez

Residents in the Mexican border city of Juarez are increasingly forming neighborhood associations and blocking off streets in an effort shield themselves from ongoing drug violence. Monica Ortiz Uribe discovered the trend is uniting neighborhoods.

Conflict & Justice

US guest worker rights

Monica Ortiz Uribe reports on a US legal aid group that helps Mexican immigrant workers pursue legal cases to protect their rights. Many of the workers leave the US without pursuing legal action because of their immigration status.

Arts, Culture & Media

A song for Cinco de Mayo

Thursday marks the anniversary of the defeat of the French army in Puebla, Mexico back in 1862. Reporter Betto Arcos tells us about "La Paloma," a political song that was popular at the time of the French occupation of Mexico and is still performed today.