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How wars end - part two

The World's Jeb Sharp continues her series on "How wars end" with a chapter on the American Civil War. The conflict is said to have ended with the battle at Appomattox in 1865. But the fighting continued for years after that.

Conflict & Justice

Violence in Mosul

Americans and Iraqis have succeeded in defeating militants in many parts of Iraq. But violence is rising in parts of the country such as the northern city of Mosul. The BBC's Hugh Sykes is in Baghdad.

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Medics in Afghanistan

American casualties are on the rise in Afghanistan. That's putting U.S. military doctors and nurses to the test. We hear from chief nurse Major Keni Harriman, who works at a front line surgical hospital in Afghanistan.

Conflict & Justice

Skype under fire in China

The free Internet communications tool Skype has come under fire this week. Turns out that the company's Chinese partner has been filtering Skype text messages for words deemed sensitive by the Chinese government.