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Conflict & Justice

Murder in Russia

The BBC's Rupert Wingfield Hayes reports on the recent murders of a journalist and a human rights lawyer in Moscow. The Russian government denies the killings had anything to do with politics. But others suspect otherwise.

Arts, Culture & Media

Holocaust film

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with documentary filmmaker Roberta Grossman about her latest work, "Blessed is the Match." The film tells the story of Hannah Senesh who was part of a failed mission to evacuate Jews out of Nazi-occupied Europe.

Global Politics

A plan for Afghanistan

What to do about Afghanistan? That's a top priority for the Obama Administration. The Senate foreign relations committee today put together a panel of experts to address the question. And The World's Matthew Bell listened in.

Conflict & Justice

Changing border tactics

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with New York Times correspondent Solomon Moore about drug smugglers' brazen new tactics for crossing the U.S.-Mexico border; and with Brandi Grissom of the El Paso Times about an effort to monitor the border with web cameras.