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Conflict & Justice

Still counting in Afghanistan

So far, only about a tenth of the votes have been counted in Afghanistan's presidential election; early numbers show a close race between incumbent Hamid Karzai and Abdullah Abdullah. Anchor Jeb Sharp gets the latest from the BBC's Chris Morris.

Conflict & Justice

More doubts over Afghan vote

Election results in Afghanistan show incumbent president Hamid Karzai winning re-election; But allegations of fraud continue to mar the process. Now EU observers say that up to 25% the ballots cast are suspect. The World's Jason Margolis has details.

Global Politics

The aftermath of battle

Retired Col. David Brostrom lost his son, Jonathan Bostrom last year, during the Battle of Wanat in Afghanistan. The grieving father tells host Marco Werman why his son's troops were not given the supplies and support needed to repel the enemy.