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Global Politics

The battle of Wanat

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with the Washington Post's Greg Jaffe, lead reporter on a series that chronicles one of the costliest encounters of the war for US forces in Afghanistan� last year's Battle of Wanat in Nuristan.

Conflict & Justice

Mentoring Afghan police

Earlier this week an Afghan policeman turned on five British soldiers and killed them. Retired Captain Doug Beattie says he twice encountered situations that made him question the loyalty of his Afghan allies. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with him.

Global Politics

Women in the military

Lieutenant Colonel Jennie Carignan became the first female deputy commanding officer of a combat arms unit in Canada. She's now serving in Kandahar in southern Afghanistan. She spoke to the BBC about how she combines being on the front line and a mother.

Global Politics

Secret US prison in Afghanistan

The US airbase in Bagram, Afghanistan is the site of a major detention facility. But the Red Cross has confirmed the existence of a second jail where former prisoners say they were abused. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with the BBC's Hilary Anderson.