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Science, Tech & Environment

Cyclone aftermath

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with a BBC reporter in Rangoon about the aftermath of the cyclone and the relief efforts there, as hundreds of thousands of people in the region are still without shelter, ten days after the disaster.

Global Politics

Quake victims at the G8

This year's G8 summit takes place in L'Aquila, the site of a devastating earthquake in April. Locals who've been living in tents since the quake are protesting. They say too much went into preparing for the G8 and too little into helping L'Aquila recover.

Arts, Culture & Media

The causes of famine

Droughts and floods can cause food crises. But so can politics and economics. Reporter David Hecht examines the roots of the 2005 food crisis in the West African nation of Niger and why so many children starved to death despite an adequate harvest.

Global Politics

Getting wildlife off the menu

Vietnamese have a taste for wildlife. Hanoi restaurants serve such delicacies as snake and monkey. Now environmental groups are hoping to change attitudes and discourage Vietnamese diners from indulging. The World's Mary Kay Magistad reports from Hanoi.