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Global Politics

The Quiet American?

The World's Patrick Cox looks back at an odd moment in the Bush Presidency. It's when Mr. Bush appeared to compare himself to Graham Greene's fictional character Alden Pyle from "The Quiet American."

Conflict & Justice

Geo answer

The answer to today's Geo Quiz is Bolivia. Bolivia has a tough new national law that bans all animals, wild and domestic, in traveling circuses. Anchor Katy Clark speaks with animal rights campaigner (Animal Defenders International) Alexandra Cardenas.

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Global Hit

Gypsy jazz meets 1980s pop rock. That's what the Quebec City band The Lost Fingers perform on their new album, �Lost in the 80s.� We hear from band member Byron Mikaloff.

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Global Hit: Mercedes Sosa

Argentines lined the streets of Buenos Aires today to honor a national hero. A hearse carried the body of folk singer Mercedes Sosa through the streets of the capital. Sosa died yesterday. She was 74 years old. Marco Werman has more.

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Global Hit: The Soldiers

Lance Corporal Ryan Idzi, Sergeant Major Gary Chilton, and Sergeant Richie Maddocks are all serving soldiers. They've made an album. They call themselves, unsurprisingly, The Soldiers, and the album is Coming Home. Laura Lynch has today's Global Hit.

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Anasma Vuong

Today's Global Hit features a belly dancer. Her name is Anasma Vuong. She's originally from Paris. Her father is Vietnamese and her mother from Tunisia. These days Anasma Vuong lives in New York. And she specializes in a fusion of belly dance and hip hop.