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Global Politics

CIA lacks language-savvy staff

Anchor Katy Clark speaks with Republican Congressman Pete Hoekstra about the CIA's language problem. The agency doesn't have enough employees who speak foreign languages. Congressman Hoekstra is a member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence.

Arts, Culture & Media

Geo answer

Today's answer is Newfoundland, the next stop on a worldwide trek by master hitchhiker Kevin McNally. McNally has hitchhiked through 127 countries. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with him.

Conflict & Justice

Geo Quiz / Geo Answer

We're searching for a 900-mile-long river system that runs through western Africa. The answer is The Volta River. It's featured in a new detective novel, ?Wife of the Gods.? Anchor Laura Lynch speaks with the author, Kwei Quartey, who grew up in Ghana.

Arts, Culture & Media

Global Hit: Alan Lomax

Alan Lomax made an impressive career out of recording folk music all over the world; But few people heard the recordings that Lomax made in Haiti in the 1930's. This month they'll be released to the public for the first time. Ruxandra Guidi has the story.