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Conflict & Justice

Religious freedom in Egypt

In Egypt, followers of the Bahai religion have often complain of persecution and even official discrimination. But they have recently made gains in the largely Muslim country. The World's Aya Batrawy reports from Cairo.

Conflict & Justice

Orchid Ensemble

We hear music from Canadian-based trio, Orchid Ensemble. Its latest CD is inspired in part by the Uyghur music of northwestern China. The title is The Road to Kashgar. And the Uyghur city of Kashgar is the answer to our Geo Quiz today.

Arts, Culture & Media

Haiti's vodou religion

The earthquake in Haiti was recently blamed on a ?pact with the devil'. Anthropologists say the claim has a long history, going back to centuries-old misrepresentations of Haitian vodou. The World's Alex Gallafent reports.

Global Politics

The East Jerusalem issue

US Middle East envoy George Mitchell has postponed a visit to Israel amid a continuing quarrel over Israel's decision to build more Jewish homes in East Jerusalem. Tension remains high. The World's Matthew Bell chronicles the story.

Conflict & Justice

Arizona's immigration law

This week, a group of immigrant students staged a protest in the Arizona offices of Senator John McCain. They were holding a sit-in to protest Arizona's new immegration law. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with one of the students, Yahaira Carrillo.

Global Politics

The happy State of Israel

Israelis may be skeptical about the new round of peace talks but in general, they're feeling pretty positive about things. This week, Newsweek ranked Israel as the most livable country in the Middle East. The World's Matthew Bell reports from Jerusalem.