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West Bank protests

Palestinians have conducted weekly protests in the West Bank since the conflict in Gaza began. People are calling for solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza. But the Palestinian Authority is said to have tight control of the protests...and may have its own agenda. The World's Quil Lawrence reports from Ramallah.

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The Quiet American?

The World's Patrick Cox looks back at an odd moment in the Bush Presidency. It's when Mr. Bush appeared to compare himself to Graham Greene's fictional character Alden Pyle from "The Quiet American."

Global Politics

Still shivering as gas dispute continues

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with the BBC's Nick Thorpe in Budapest, Hungary, where some people are still shivering from a lack of heat. The natural gas dispute between Russia and Ukraine is to blame. The dispute apparently ended today, only to start again. We also hear how people are coping with the cold in Bulgaria and Bosnia.