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Global Politics

Wish for a world leader

Much of the world is thrilled at the election of Barack Obama to the American Presidency. But any wish that he be a 'president of the world' is likely to go unfulfilled. The World's Alex Gallafent reports.

Global Politics

Only in America

Barack Obama noted in his acceptance speech that his victory affirms America as a place where all things are possible. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with British historian Simon Schama about what Obama's election says about the way Americans view themselves and how others see Americans.

Global Politics

Pakistan and the election

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Pakistani journalist Saeed Minhas, about his experience covering the U.S. election. Like many Pakistanis, Minhas is wondering what a new president in the White House will mean for his country.

Conflict & Justice

The Latino vote

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Pilar Marrero of the Spanish-language newspaper "La Opinion" to find out the impact of first-time Latino immigrant voters on the outcome of the presidential election.

Global Politics

U.S. election helps British deli?

The effects of the US election have infiltrated many parts of the world, but some places weren't expecting it. In England, the Rosslyn Deli in Hampstead, North London has mysteriously sold out of all its American food products. Anchor Lisa Mullins finds out more from the deli's owner, Helen Sherman.

Global Politics

Sudan concerned over Obama stance

People in Sudan have mixed feelings about an Obama presidency. There's pride that a man of African descent has reached the White House. But as Heba Aly reports from Khartoum, there's also concern about the president-elect's aggressive talk about Darfur.