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Venezuela's municipal elections

Venezuela held gubernatorial and mayoral elections over the weekend. The parties allied with President Hugo Chavez won a majority of the contests but the opposition also posted some gains. The BBC's Will Grant reports from Caracas.

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The Hugo Chavez show

Venezuela's president is the focus of an upcoming PBS Frontline documentary. It's called "The Hugo Chavez Show." And it features excerpts from "Al Presidente!" -- the TV program that Chavez hosts every week.

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Orange revolution struggles

Saturday marks the 4th anniversary of the start of Ukraine's Orange Revolution. The promise was Western-style democracy. But Ukrainians are losing confidence in that democracy and the leaders that helped usher it in.

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Obama's next pick

Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano appears to be the frontrunner for the job of secretary of homeland security in Barack Obama's administration. The World's Matthew Bell reports on what that might signal about the incoming administration's agenda.

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Space station turns 10

The International Space Station turns ten years old today. Some say it's a colossal waste of time and money. Others say its a symbol of what can be done in space when nations work together. The World's Clark Boyd reports.

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Tibetan exile summit

Tibetans in exile are gathering at the home of the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, India this week. They're meeting to talk about failed negotiations with China to gain genuine autonomy for Tibetans.