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Global Politics

Lessons from global oil spills

Oil continues to spew into the Gulf. Oil spills are a global phenomenon. We may be able to learn from previous spills and from the efforts to clean them up. Marco Werman talks with Jay Holcomb of the International Bird Rescue Research Center.

Conflict & Justice

Europe's social contract

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Christopher Dickey, Paris Bureau Chief for Newsweek Magazine, about the effects of Europe's economic woes on some of the public perks Europeans have come to expect, like five week vacations and affordable health care.

Global Politics

Signs of progress in a Spanish town's drive to get U.S. to finish cleaning decades-old nuclear bomb accident

Some 50 years ago, four American nuclear bombs were lost when the bomb carrying them exploded and lost its cargo into the Spanish countryside. Though there was no nuclear explosion, some of the plutonium in the bombs was spread across the town and surrounding area. Most of it was cleaned up, but not all of it.