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Global Politics

Dealing with Iran

John Limbert was the State Department's point man for Iran under President Obama. Like President Obama, Limbert is committed to improving relations with Iran. But Limbert resigned in July, after only nine months on the job. Lisa Mullins talks with him.

Conflict & Justice

UN report on Congo killings

A United Nations report on killings in the Democratic Republic of Congo between 1993 and 2003 accuses six other African nations of being involved in atrocities there. The World's Laura Lynch reports on how those countries are reacting to the report.

Global Politics

De-baptism' on the rise in Belgium

The Catholic Church in Belgium faces revelations of widespread sexual abuse of children by priests. For many Catholics, the report was the last straw. Many are going so far as to formally leave in a process called �de-baptism.� Clark Boyd reports.