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Cantonese: a Dialect in Peril?

In official China, Mandarin is favored over all other dialects. That has had a knock-on effect here in the US, where Cantonese used to be the dominant Chinese language. Reporter Nina Porzucki reports from New York on how Cantonese is faring.

Global Politics

Another hummus record

Israel has taken the upper hand in a different Mideast conflict: cooks in a town near Jerusalem have made more than four metric tons of hummus. Doubling the previous record for hummus, set by cooks in Lebanon. Aaron Schachter reports.

Global Politics

Violence in southern Sudan

Southern Sudan has seen a rise in tribal violence over the past twelve months. Many fear the clashes will increase as the country nears elections and a referendum vote on independence for the south. Kati Whitaker reports from southern Sudan.