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Global Politics

Sri Lankan's wounds of war

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Sri Lankan journalist Sonali Samarasinghe about life in Sri Lanka today ? a year after the Sri Lankan government proclaimed victory over the Tamil Tiger rebels, ending a long, bloody civil war.

Global Politics

Tintin on trial

50 years ago this month, Congo became an independent nation. In the early 1930s, cartoonist Herge sent his intrepid boy reporter Tintin to Congo. But now, it's the subject of, a lawsuit brought by a Congolese immigrant. The World's Clark Boyd reports.

Conflict & Justice

U.S. states tied to al-Shabab

Host David Baron talks to the BBC's Iain MacKenzie in about the announcement that fourteen people in three American states are being charged with terrorist offences, including providing money and support to the Somali-based extremist group, al-Shabab.

Arts, Culture & Media

Bulgarians warm to Turks

For centuries, people in Bulgaria haven't had much good to say about their neighbors in Turkey. But that's changing now that Bulgarian TV viewers are hooked on Turkish soap operas. Reporter Matthew Brunwasser has the story.

Global Politics

Middle East peace talks

A new round of Middle East peace talks is now under way, and the goal is to reach a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in one year. The World's Matthew Bell reports from Jerusalem.

Arts, Culture & Media

Tito Puente, 'The King of Mambo'

Even those who don't know Latin jazz tend to know Tito Puente. He is not known as �The King of Mambo� for nothing. His music has appeared in many films, most notably, perhaps, �The Mambo Kings.� Tom Schnabel gives us a refresher on Puente's roots.