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Geo answer

We asked for the name of Amsterdam's longest canal. The answer is The Prinsengracht or the Prince's Canal. The Dutch city is also home to the Anne Frank House. There's a new video channel there. Anchor Marco Werman finds out more from Maureen MacNeil.

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Egypt and the Palestinians

For years the Arab world was inspired by scenes of the Palestinian intifada. But now many in the West Bank say it's unlikely that Palestinians will be inspired to protest by the waves of unrest sweeping the Arab world. Daniel Estrin reports from Ramalla

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Burns supper

The World's Carol Zall explains the role of haggis in celebrations honoring Scotland's national poet Robert Burns. The dish made from sheep's organs has a bad reputation outside of Scotland. But many Scots say ?don't knock it unless you've tried it!?

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Global Hit

Anchor Marco Werman introduces us to US-based Chinese musician Bei Bei, UK-based American producer Shawn Lee and their efforts to add a little 21st century funk to an ancient Chinese instrument.