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Lifestyle & Belief

Love and marriage in Russia

Families are declining in Russia. And the Kremlin is taking action. The government plans to boost the number of large families by giving parents cash incentives to have more kids. But Reporter Jessica Golloher says women in Moscow aren't interested.

Conflict & Justice

Moscow subway bombers kill dozens

At least 38 people have been killed after two female suicide bombers blew themselves up on Moscow Metro trains in the morning rush hour, officials say. The FSB said it was likely a group from the North Caucasus was responsible. Jessica Golloher reports.p

Conflict & Justice

Spy swap in motion?

The defendants in the Russian spy case entered guilty pleas in New York today; and now a federal judge has ordered their immediate deportation. We'll hear about some of the names that might be on Russia's swap list. The World's Laura Lynch reports.

Science, Tech & Environment

Eurasian peninsula

It was hard enough to pronounce the name of Iceland's volcano. Eyjafjallajokull grounded trans-Atlantic flights earlier this year with its ash and smoke. Now another multi-syllabic volcano is sending plumes into the sky. So its easy to spot�