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Global Politics

Cheney reassures Ukraine

Vice President Dick Cheney today met with leaders in Ukraine, one of the former Soviet states worried about Russia's recent military actions. Cheney said the United States is committed to Ukraine's security and freedom.

Global Politics

Still shivering as gas dispute continues

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with the BBC's Nick Thorpe in Budapest, Hungary, where some people are still shivering from a lack of heat. The natural gas dispute between Russia and Ukraine is to blame. The dispute apparently ended today, only to start again. We also hear how people are coping with the cold in Bulgaria and Bosnia.

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Battle of the vodkas

Correspondent Jessica Golloher tells us about a battle of the vodkas in Russia. Two brands, one named after Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and the other after President Dmitry Medvedev, are vying for a share of the vodka market in Russia.