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Norman Borlaug's life and legacy

PRI's The World speaks with Lester Brown, head of the Earth Policy Institute, about the life and career of Norman Borlaug, a scientist whose work developing high-yield crops earned him the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970. He died this past weekend.

Global Politics

Iron Curtain becomes green belt

Twenty years ago today the Iron Curtain began to unravel. Now, the fortified east-west border is just a memory. But not all vestiges have vanished. Ashley Ahearn reports, in some places the former no-man's land is being preserved as a green belt.

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Natural disasters push up food prices

Floods in Pakistan and wildfires in Russia this summer are having a major impact on world grain supplies. That has many worried that prices for food staples will sky-rocket. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Lester Brown of Earth Policy Institute.