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Conflict & Justice

Iraqi prisoner missing

The Iraqi man convicted in the kidnap and murder of British aid worker, Margaret Hassan, has failed to appear in a Baghdad court today. The retrial of Ali Lutfi Jassar was due to begin this morning. Anchor Marco Werman gets more from Said Boumedouha.

Conflict & Justice

Tourism in Iraq

In the Geo Quiz it's off to Iraq where the tourism industry is poised for growth. The biggest potential is probably in the north of the country in the autonomous region which borders Iran and Turkey. Can you name it?

Conflict & Justice

Iraq's Navy

The Iraqi Navy was almost completely destroyed during the 1990 Gulf War. Following the 2003 invasion, American and British forces have been slowly rebuilding Iraq's naval capabilities. Reporter Susannah George reports from Basra.

Global Politics

Ahmadinejad in Lebanon

Iran's President Ahmadinejad pays a visit to Lebanon. He can expect a hero's welcome in Hezbollah strongholds but how will it play at home in Iran or in Israel? Lisa Mullins talks with Los Angeles Times Middle East correspondent Borzou Daragahi in Beirut.