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Kailash Kher

Kailash Kher may be one of the biggest superstars you've never heard of. In India, three generations of women swoon over the singer the way some might faint over Justin Timberlake here. Marco Werman speaks with him.

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Indian Jazz Suites

A few years ago a classical Indian dance guru crossed paths with a young tap dancer. They met at an event called 'The Festival of the Feet.' The two wound up improvising together on stage and decided to join forces. Reporter Ruxandra Guidi has the story.

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India helps in Pakistan flood disaster

This week marks one month since the beginning of Pakistan's worst floods in decades. Pakistan's neighbor, India, will contribute to the aid effort. That donation could have an impact on historically troubled relations. Reporter Elliot Hannon explains.

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Cooking Tibetan food in India

Many Tibetans fled to neighboring India when their country came under Chinese rule. Reporter Jill Ryan introduces us to two Tibetan brothers who keep their culture alive by cooking up some Tibetan delicacies for their Indian customers.