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Global Politics

Health care for illegal immigrants

The last piece of the health care reform law is now on its way to President Obama. The law's main purpose is to extend health care coverage to uninsured Americans. Those who are here illegally are still out of luck. The World's Alex Gallafent reports.

Conflict & Justice

Review for Guantanamo detainees

The White House is drafting an executive order that would formalize the indefinite detention without trial of some Guantanamo detainees, with periodic reviews of their cases. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Lt. Col David Frakt of the USAFR JAG Corps.

Conflict & Justice

US national security team changes

Anchor Marco Werman discusses the coming changes to President Obama's national security team with author and analyst Tom Ricks. Changes are expected in leadership roles at the Pentagon, CIA and Central Command, which oversees the war in Afghanistan.