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Conflict & Justice

Why Jordan is at the epicenter of nearly all Middle Eastern issues

The rise of ISIS is connected to Jordan. The Israeli-Palestinian crisis plays out in the shadow of Jordan. The Syrian civil war and it's ensuing refugee crisis are taking a heavy toll on Jordan. Even the Iranian nuclear talks has a connection to Jordan. So, why Jordan, a landlocked country with few natural resources but tremendous importance for American foreign policy, at the middle of it all.

Global Politics

Obama in Germany

Senator Barack Obama met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin today on the first stop on the European leg of Obama's foreign tour aimed at bolstering the presidential candidate's foreign policy credentials;

Conflict & Justice

The G20 gains more clout

President Obama announced today that the G20 will NOW act as the global forum for economic policy � and not the smaller G8. The decision brings some of the newer, developing economies to the table. Anchor Marco Werman explains.