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For animals, and humans, having bigger weapons can keep you from having to fight at all

In the battle for physical and sexual supremacy, human tactics haven’t progressed much past the lowly dung beetle. We may have brains capable of producing art and science, and we don’t spend our days hauling around dung (well, most of us don’t, anyway), but otherwise — not much has changed.

Global Scan

Should selfies be allowed on the pilgrimage to Mecca?

Muslims typically make the hajj just once in a lifetime — and it's a signature moment in their lives. So it's understandable that they would want to document the trip. But that has some religious leaders upset. Meanwhile in Russia, the government is mounting a full-court press to convince Western journalists that Russia is a good guy. Sadly, that campaign has not affected its treatment of LGBT individuals. We have those stories and more in today's Global Scan.

Science, Tech & Environment

Artist Maya Lin's Sound Ring immerses listeners in a world of endangered species

Maya Lin has created an art installation at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in Ithaca, New York, to draw attention to the importance of international conservation. The Sound Ring plays the sounds of extinct, endangered and threatened species and habitats on the planet — from a chorus of lemurs in Madagascar to Weddell seals in the waters off Antarctica.