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Social Security in Japan

The winner of Japan's national elections, the Democratic Party, is promising to revive the nation's economy. It also has challenges with an aging Japan. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Len Schoppa, professor of politics at the University of Virginia


Foreign investment in the US

More Americans are looking for work than in 26 years. The dollar keeps getting weaker. But for foreign companies looking to invest in the United States, America looks pretty attractive.The World's Jason Margolis profiles one state: Mississippi.


Health care for illegal immigrants

The last piece of the health care reform law is now on its way to President Obama. The law's main purpose is to extend health care coverage to uninsured Americans. Those who are here illegally are still out of luck. The World's Alex Gallafent reports.


Britain's budget pain

Britain's budget deficit has ballooned as the country confronts the recent economic slowdown. This week, the British government plans to unveil an emergency budget that seeks to reduce the deficit with painful cuts. The World's Laura Lynch has a preview.