Conflict & Justice

The war in Afghanistan

The American military death toll in Afghanistan has reached 1,000 and the number of US troops in Afghanistan has now surpassed the total in Iraq. Reporter Ben Gilbert is embedded with an Army unit currently deployed in Eastern Afghanistan.

Conflict & Justice

Geo answer

For today's Geo Quiz, we were looking for a bridge in Germany where the US and the Soviet Union once swapped their captured secret agents. The World's David Leveille tells us more about this Cold War 'bridge of spies.'

Conflict & Justice

American aid for Pakistan

The United States is stepping up its assistance to flood-ravaged Pakistan. US Army Major Dan Rice flies a Blackhawk helicopter. He arrived in Pakistan 2 days ago to help with flood relief. Jeb Sharp talks with him.

Conflict & Justice

Afghanistan banking crisis

Afghanistan's central bank is in trouble. Nervous depositors across the country have been emptying their accounts for days amid fears that Afghanistan's largest private bank was collapsing. Anchor Marco Werman finds out more from reporter Jean MacKenzie.

Global Politics

The journalist who broke the NSA story says surveillance technology is out of control

When news broke revealing the extent of the NSA’s data collection strategies, it quickly became not only the most-talked about story of the year, but it raised all sorts of questions regarding the privacy of citizens and the constitutionality of mass surveillance. Journalist Glenn Greenwald helped break the stories and says we need to rein in the runaway surveillance.