Conflict & Justice

Torch arrives in China

The Olympic torch returned to China today; Anchor Marco Werman tells how tens of thousands of supporters turned out to see the Hong Kong relay with only a few pro-Tibet protestors who were shouted down.


Jamaican sprints dominate

Reporter Orin Gordon reports from Beijing on Jamaica's domination in short distance track and field events at the Olympics, as there's a long tradition behind Jamaica's current top sprinter Usain Bolt.

Global Politics

Fierce competition for mayor of Sochi

The Russian political event of the year may very well be hundreds of miles from Moscow. A ballerina, a porn star, a billionaire, and an arm wrestling champion are all among the candidates for mayor of Sochi, the resort town that will host the 2014 Winter Olympics. Jessica Golloher has the story.

Conflict & Justice

Olympic note

Officials powered up about a thousand security cameras in and around Vancouver in advance of the Winter Games starting there later this month. Anchor Marco Werman explains the electronic surveillance is making some privacy watchdogs there nervous.