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Global Politics

Tensions over vote to split Sudan

A referendum on independence for Southern Sudan is scheduled for January. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with correspondent Rebecca Hamilton in Khartoum. She says preparations for the vote are behind schedule, and a delay could trigger war.

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Geo answer

The answer to today's Geoquiz is the Lomonosov Ridge at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean. It plays a key role in the scramble to claim sovereignty over the Arctic Ocean. Anchor Lisa Mullins finds out more from Arctic expert Klaus Dodds.

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Geo answer

Today's Geo Quiz focuses on four cities -- La Paz, Bolivia -- Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania -- New Delhi, India -- and Sydney, Australia. The question is which one has the highest gasoline prices. We had reporters check them out. The answer is Dar es Salaam. A gallon of gasoline in the capital of Tanzania costs 5 dollars and 6 cents.