Conflict & Justice

Bangladesh factory owners charged with murder of more than 1,100 garment workers

More than 1,100 workers in a Bangladesh garment-factory complex died in what was the country's worst-ever industrial disaster. Bangladesh police have charged the owners of the Rana Plaza complex in Dhaka, which collapsed in 2013, of murder and negligence. Several government officials were also charged. If convicted, the accused could face the death penalty.

Conflict & Justice

Being labeled a gangster could land you in prison longer, even if you're a regular criminal

In response to gang violence in Los Angeles in the 1980s, California passed a law that allowed for sentencing enhancement — lengthening — if the convicted criminal was a member of a gang. It allows prosecutors to stiffen the sentence for certain types of crimes. But figuring out who's a gang member — and who isn't — isn't always as clear-cut as it sounds.

Global Politics

India's first cartoon everywoman is the product of a female cartoonist who stood up to her own critics

Kanika Mishra had had it with the folksy 'common man' character so prevalent in Indian cartoons. She decided to create a 'common woman' and named her character Karnika Kahen which literally means 'Karnika speaks.' And speak she does, taking stands against sexual abuse and rape in India, and getting a lot of flak in the process.